Sunday, November 4, 2012

Gone Fishing

Supplement those bright number books and numeral flashcards with this hands on learning activity.   This game can be played with your toddler who is beginning to read numerals or can be played with a Kindergarten aged child who is starting to read double digit numbers.  This playful approach is a great way to relieve the pressure if reading numerals is a struggle for your child.

The Game
For this game you'll need paper fish with one number written on each of them and a paper clip on the front of each fish.  You'll also need a magnetic fishing rod (use string, a dowel, a small magnet and hot glue to make this).

Give your child the magnetic rod after spreading the paper clipped fish over the floor.  When he makes a catch read the number on it to him: "You've caught an 8 fish" or "this fish is called 8".  If your child is ready have her read the numeral on the fish's body.

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