Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Is Your Child Safe?

Are you doing all you can to prevent sexual abuse in your child's life?  Contact Little Warriors and register for the Stewards of Children program (a prevention and response program for adults).  You will learn the 7 effective steps to preventing child sexual abuse, become aware of the signs of abuse, know how to respond appropriately to suspicions and how to respond to a child who confides in you concerning his/her experience(s) with sexual abuse. This course is highly empowering and equipped me with the tools and confidence I need to be effective in preventing child sexual abuse.  

Is This how You see Child Sexual Abuse?

Did You Know...

One in every 4 girls and one in every 6 boys are sexually abused?  That means that you most likely know several victims of sexual abuse.  It is also likely that you know a couple of  abusers.  The greatest risk to your child is dose not come from strangers but rather from someone you and your family know and trust (eg. your friends, a family member/relative, your child's teacher or babysitter).  "Over 90% of children who are sexually abused know their abusers" (Darkness to Light -confonting child sexual abuse with courage).  Abusers look and act like normal people, often going out of their way to be seen as trustworthy.