Thursday, April 14, 2011

Easter Advent Tree

Make this spring center piece and let your child add an egg ornament each day leading up to Easter.  If you have a personal relationship with the Christ of Easter, use this advent tree to teach your child about the spiritual significance of the events surrounding Easter.  Starting with a paper egg for Palm Sunday put a scripture verse on the back of each egg with the day of the week labeled on it as well (Palm Sunday, Monday, Tuesday etc.).  Or  label the eggs with numbers 1-8 Ending with a verse for Easter Sunday.

To make this tree you'll need...

Make Your Easter Advent Tree

What You'll Need

Sharp knife for cutting Styrofoam

Xacto knife/hole pucher
Pruning Sheers
Glue gun & glue sticks (if you want to glue birds, a nest or butterflies into your tree)

pebbles/glass pebbles
Various Scrap booking papers
Styrofoam/Rocks to hold tree in place
access to a tree with small branches (I used branches for a lilac tree)

Basic Instructions
1-use pruning sheers to cut a branch(es) from a tree
2-use sharp knife to cut Styrofoam to fit pot (or use rocks to hold branch in place instead)
3-insert branch into Styrofoam or rocks
4-Cover styrofoam with pebbles or glass pebbles
5-sketch egg shape onto scrapbook paper and cut, use it as a stencil for your other eggs
6-use Xacto Knife and cut a tiny rectangle near the top of your egg to fit the ribbon through or use a hole punch
7-Cut ribbon, slide through hole in egg make a loop and tie a bow on top.  Repeat with all of your eggs.
8-Hang eggs on your tree and if you like use a hot glue gun to attach birds, butterflies or a nest to your branches.

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